Reset Your Mind To Create A New Reality

Reset Your Mind To Create Your New Reality

Reset Your Mind To Create A New Reality

You have to reset your mind to create a new reality for the new paradigm the pandemic has presented. The pain of the pandemic cannot be ignored neither can the shifting of the old way and the ushering in of a new way go unnoticed. The swift sweeping in of COVID-19 coincides with an awareness of an urgent calling for change.

It’s paramount that we reset our minds to create a new reality that’s in harmony and in full alignment with the change taking place.

Throughout history, humanity has always been given signs and warnings to wake up through plaques, pandemics, and deadly viruses. As catastrophic as they can be, these events carry Divine messages within them.

Their purpose is for us to remember our true nature to be better human beings.

Collapse Of Systems

The coronavirus has claimed and impacted many lives. In a short space of time, we have seen a ubiquitous upheaval of essential systems, including the devastation of worldwide industries, the fall of financial markets, and the closing of traditional institutions. 

To exacerbate the collapse, imposed measures of self-isolation and social distancing have disrupted the fabric of modern society. 

The collapse of these vital systems has caused considerable calamity and disruption to life as we once knew it. And symbolized change.

A New Perspective

As the world came to a grinding halt with the virus on the rampage. I was compelled to review my present reality and mull over my mortality. Rather than pander to the pandemonium, I pondered the sometimes wretched world I inhabited. 

I sought to revise the factors that contributed to the warped reality I often wrestled with. They included:

  • being programmed from young by a plethora of beliefs to meddle with my mind
  • and predisposed to and influenced by religious and political ideas 
  • Uninvited introductions to insidious divisive ideologies
  • being exposed to unfair and unjust governments that abused their authority and governed with a corrupt hand
  • instantly inspired by the ideals of individuals and the dominant ideas of society. Blindly accepted in my ignorance
  • being dogged by the news and mainstream media, notorious for propagating items and disseminating messy messages to instill and perpetuate fear.

These factors mounted up to inform my world view. I concluded that much of the reality I lived was created for me, not by me. I was conscious of being part of age-old systems, mechanisms designed to control, confuse, and, manipulate the minds of the masses.

I sussed that I needed to have a good moral conscience to navigate a mad matrix of a world. A world I rebelled against, resisted, and reluctantly conformed to. I had reason to reject the reality that was so far removed from living one that resonated with me.

The pandemic was the impetus that quickened my pace for a new perspective on reality.

As uncanny as it was, given the bleak circumstances; I was at peace and permitted myself to reset my mind and create a new reality. 

So, how do you reset and create your new reality in the midst of system failure?

Get rid of old systems of thoughts and beliefs that have failed to serve you or humanity.

Here are 6 ways to do it

Deconstruct To Reset

Use this weird yet wonderful time to deconstruct the reality that was given to you. When I deconstructed my reality, it was stripped back to reveal a load of lies, many myths, and untold untruths. I acknowledged them as major distractions to knowing myself.

Because we’ve been forced to isolate, reflect on the thoughts and beliefs impressed on your subconscious mind that don’t rest well with you.

Breathe new life into yourself with renewed thinking. Hit the reset button of your mind and create a new reality.

Get To Know Yourself On LockDown

Lockdown may still be in place but your mind needn’t be. As we find ourselves at home more than ever, use lockdown to get to know yourself. As members of society, we’ve established an affinity with everything outside of ourselves. Whether it be running into relationships, escaping into our jobs, immersing ourselves in the material world, or plugged into social media…

We find ourselves invested in an outward experience of reality.  A distorted version, external to our true selves; that ultimately dilutes our essence. 

It’s not so broadly broadcast but getting to know yourself is an inside job a job worth doing.

Most things are shut down for us to open up to that little-explored internal space. Use lockdown to familiarise yourself with it.  Spend quality time with yourself on lockdown to be, still, in silence and solitude.

Prod the sleeping giant within you, awaken it to reset your mind and create a new reality.  

Cleanse Your Mind and Detox

I perceived that we’re born out of perfection into an imperfect world, tainted by its ways. We’re multidimensional beings vibrating at a low frequency. The human race has set into place the real viruses: greed, envy, jealousy, and hate and produced vast populations of polluted minds. 

We can choose to depart from this consciousness by developing heightened minds. The pandemic has arrived at the perfect time to purge ourselves of the poisons and built-up impurities. 

Now’s a good time to cleanse your mind of all toxins and detox to reset your mind to create a new reality. 

Tap Into Your Untapped Resources

I learned to rely on my own resources not a god in the sky and dived into the deeper and highest part of myself. Starting at the root of my lived reality and beyond the surface to a lofty place within. I gained clarity; crystal clear, to conquer a confused mind. 

I was in the best position to liberate myself from the labyrinth of lies and free from all falsehood.

Tap into your sacred space and trust your intuition. Draw on your inner compass to guide you as you venture into uncharted territory, 

Reset your mind to create a new reality in this new frontier. 

Reclaim Your Mind And Your Power                       

 Power is tearing human minds to pieces and

             putting them back together again in new spaces of your own choosing.

                                                                                                                                      George Orwell, 1984

To a large extent we’ve been programmed and have had an artificial reality thrust upon us. It has robbed many of us of our power and masked our magnificence. You are an authentic authority, in your own right, and have the right to take back control of your mind and reclaim your power. 

I cared to create a new mind, unadulterated, to experience a different reality. I canceled my subscription to the standards of society, rid my mind of the beliefs I was bound by, and released all phony programming.

Amongst the many beliefs, I was happy to erase was society’s belief to put others before ourselves. Although the concept puzzled me, I complied with it and set myself up as a people-pleaser.

Eventually, ‘doing the right thing’ for the sake of serving others posed a problem  I  was neglecting my own needs. 

                                             If I wasn’t taking care of myself,

                                                     how was I to care for others, in my fullest capacity?

I answered the question I postponed for ages. I did myself a massive favour and I Quit People Pleasing To Please Myself.

Refreshed and empowered, I was at the juncture to reset my mind to create a new reality.

Deprogram your deep conditioned mind. Clear those dusty cobwebs of old belief systems and indulge in ideas and thoughts endogenous to you. Piece together the broken pieces of your mind and reset to create your new reality. And own it.

Design Your Own System

I deduced that I lived by a system built on a fallacy and handed an inorganic recipe of a reality. I divorced myself from this system that wasn’t interested in my best interests. I unplugged from the system and tuned into a Divine system. An infrastructure that grounded and enlightened me. 

You are the architect of your life. Design an organic reality that you deserve. On a blank slate, build your foundation and with great content reset your mind to create a new reality.

A New Era

We’re living in unprecedented and unusual times with the onslaught of the coronavirus. It has caused global panic. Its adverse effects have shocked the majority out of their comfort zones and ready-made realities. 

The social and economic impacts are significant signs of change. The pandemic has visited us to exact inevitable change on an individual and collective level. It’s a new era and in order to live in this new paradigm, we need to harness the right energy to match it. 

As painful and poignant as the pandemic is and has been, it’s an extraordinary period. It serves as an opportunity to do something extraordinary. So, release the stale energy from the old reality and reset your mind to create a new reality.