Peace Over Panic in a Pandemic

Peace over panic is possible with a positive attitude towards the present pandemic. This post provides practical tips to remain calm in a crisis.

For a generation that has never undergone such an extraordinary experience, it’s easy to panic.

The panic and pandemonium of COVID-19 have thrown us all in a myriad of ways on a social, emotional and economic level. 

Uncertainty is the buzz word and pervades the mind of the majority creating fear in the atmosphere. The news, media and other sources fuel the fear and it’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria and panic. But we do have a choice in how we respond to the present pandemic.

We are experiencing unusual times and with lockdown in place, we all have more time on our hands. We’re spoilt for choice in how we now occupy ourselves; indoors.

Let’s leave panic out of our extended past time and find peace in these challenging times.

Here are 5 ideas to invigorate you to find your peace

Draw on your resources

You’re not to know whether you can be calm in a crisis until you’re in one. Assuming you’re fit and well, uncanny situations such as the current calamity demands you to draw on your resources; the strength, skills and, courage buried within you.

Be bold and brave, dig deep enough and you’ll find what’s needed to usurp any panic.

Creativity in Confinement

The virus has forced a change in our ‘normal’ rigorous or relaxed routines and lifestyles, rapidly. And compelled us to be more creative in the way we live our lives. Rather than using your time to feed into the energy of fear and panic, be creative and constructive.

Embrace these testing times and tap into your creative faculty. Unlock your creative side and innovate in the confines of your home. Get your creativity on and use this time to cultivate your choice of craft: cook, bake, knit.

Hone in on your creative streak and let your gifts and talent shine.

Just Write

Write your panic out. Like most creative art forms, writing offers a therapeutic experience for anyone who indulges in the medium. Get the most out of your time to journal, write songs, a literary piece, poetry, anything. Just write.

I have been thrown into taking action on writing projects left on the back burner. Apart from tackling the domestics, I use the indefinite lock down period to write, more.

Writing in any capacity keeps me focused, enables my lateral thinking, and sharpens my mind. The activity acts as a balm to relieve any anguish.

So, just write, to receive the therapy of the craft.

Paint your Future

Paint your piece of art on a canvas to exhibit your emotions. Aim for an image that portrays a vibrant future.

Draw it out

Doodle, scribble and draw out your emotions, express any unease in your drawings. Let your art illustrate your thoughts and feelings.

Music Moves

Music raises our vibrations. Play music with melodies that move you out of panic mode.

Calling all the Stoics

Do you have the resilience and capacity to stand in the face of adversity but have people in your corner who lack what you possess?

Are you the stoic who uses the right words to alleviate the anxiety from those who are prone to panic?

Are you there to comfort them and tell them not to be afraid but to be aware?

It’s now your calling to take a stand with your stoic stance. Allow that inner strength to: affect your connections. Support your network to develop and establish the emotional equilibrium and mental stamina to prevent any pandemic panic.

With your confidence and skills, you’re equipped to help others to step outside their emotions and the unpleasant situation and put their fears of the pandemic into perspective.

‘Focus on what you can control,’ you tell them, gently.

Your ability to problem solve and stay calm amidst chaos offers reassurance and inspiration to others to follow your lead. You act as an aid in regulating the emotions of those you communicate with.

And contribute to building their characters.

Optimise your Optimism

Are you naturally optimistic? if so, optimize your optimism and infect others with your quality. Encourage them to opt-in for optimism, Tell them to expect the best and look forwards to the end of the pandemic.

Gratitude in a Pandemic

There’s a lot to be grateful for even in a pandemic. But to have an attitude of gratitude is a better bet. This unprecedented time humbles us to appreciate our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the folk we are unfamiliar with as yet. 

To hear the birds sing, for our food, clothing and, shelter. We have reason to have gratitude in a pandemic.

Minimise Media Intake

Engage in positive activities to minimize or avoid your intake of news media items that disseminate fear. Explore exciting activities, plan for positive pursuits and give yourself a difference.


Maximize your time to meditate for a mellow mind and firm grounding. Practice mindfulness to stay present. These simple techniques help with your awareness of the world around you, and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

These techniques however aren’t so easily practiced. But with patience, perseverance and going at your own pace, you can get to the state of mind that affords you peace.

Peace Conquers Panic

You don’t have to be passive or panic in a pandemic. You can check your emotions enough to find peace and remain poised. Discover your abilities to tackle this turbulent time. Know that you have the power to override pandemic panic .

Be sure to incorporate these ideas into your routine. Use them as deliberate distractions to prevent panic and diminish any anguish.