Get To Know Your Shadow Self

Your Divine True Self


Your Shadow

Embrace it.

We all have a dark side otherwise known as the shadow self. It’s the part of the psyche that we mostly condemn. The unrefined side of ourselves, the primal self. The base basic instincts, immoral impulses and urges. They range from dark secrets and desires to the treacherous traits of ugly and unwanted qualities. 

Conscious or not of these unsavoury traits, they form a place and exist in a corner of our unconscious minds.They are shameful and fearful qualities that comprise our repressed thoughts and ideas, they are the hidden aspects of the self, the inferior side of self, the shadow self.

We may choose to reject this side of ourselves, conceal it or just lose sight of these negative elements but they are made apparent if we fail to accept and integrate our shadow. 

Just like Nature has a wonderful side it also exhibits its wild side. Nature doesn’t seek to be  contained or tamed and it still fills us with awe because Nature is pure.

We also have a wild side that makes us up as a whole. But due to society’s demand of us to be civil. It has become a case of human nature to our own detriment, that we deny the uncivilised side of our nature. 

We’re taught and shown from childhood what’s good and bad to know right from wrong which leads us to separate good from evil. In time our persona is born. A dual personality is developed. We end up creating an on-going process of separating and sorting our authentic undesirable traits from our authentic undesirable traits into numerous compartments.

We ensure the inauthentic desirable traits are accepted by donning a mask to cover up our true selves for world identity. Indeed, the authentic, undesirable qualities we deem unacceptable and deny to ourselves and the world is true. Still, at some point, whether the  shadow is shunned or rejected, it will, without a shadow of a doubt, uncover itself.

We’re living a fraction of our lives when we choose to disown what makes up the sum of our whole. Our natural basic instincts evolved into something sophisticated to inform our modern being. Anything that conflicts with this is the shadow self.

If we’re to subvert this set up in any way, we’re punished. So then we repress what we instinctively think or feel and these thoughts end up buried deep in our unconscious minds. Gradually mounting up to erupt lava.

Because we choose to disassociate ourselves from these traits doesn’t mean they’re not there. If we’re to know ourselves, we must be responsible and courageous to harmonise our beauty and our beast.

We’re all actors and the world is our stage. We wear the hat that is conducive for the act we play. There’s more focus on the light side of our human nature, the higher part of ourselves, the superior aspects we highlight, honour and embody.

They encompass love, peace, joy, righteousness, compassion, generosity and all that good stuff. Our persona helps us to perform the parts we play, well. These light energies top the bill, while the ignoble attributes: jealousy, control, lust,  anger, vengeance, fear, shame,  competitiveness, stay behind the scenes in the shadow. 

Know Yourself

Years ago, to grow and ascend into the higher part of myself, I vowed  to quit disregarding my dark side to receive the fullness of my lived experience. I intended to confront the traits, I repressed. I plucked up the courage to open the draws of compartments of the content I shut away. And get to know myself.

I allowed my ego that normally run the show to take a back seat and descend into the lower part of myself to give my shadow the spotlight

My negative traits took centre stage. 

Anger received an Oscar. Although slow to boil, my anger, when provoked, was apoplectic. I put the rage down to unresolved injustices, unexpressed pain and trauma.

Cold, judgemental and vengeful  thoughts and feelings featured as favourites which I justified if and when offended. 

Melodramatic and manipulative, nothing close to a malevolent Machiavelli, but I had my own style that I executed: cunning that was mistaken for charm, won an award.

My ego took a blow. I loathed these lowly imperfections and I didn’t want to identify with them. I dismissed them as being separate from me; convinced that I was perfect. Nevertheless, I owned up to rejecting these aspects of myself and projecting my shadow self upon others.

Albeit, I was responsible and constructive enough to merge my higher and lower self. And integrate my unfavourable traits to be whole, establish emotional equilibrium and become one with my shadow. 

The best version of myself burst through to eclipse my dark side.

Do Some Shadow Work

For your personal growth, you may have to dig deep to explore your repressed attributes. Do the necessary work on yourself but don’t shy away from your shadow. It doesn’t have to be a gloomy process either. Shadow work can be an intriguing introspection of self if you’re prepared to do the work. You provide yourself the opportunity to unveil the positive attributes that have been hidden somewhere in your unconscious mind.

I discovered that I’m a hopeless empath. I resisted showing empathy to people for fear of being taking advantage of and drained of my precious energy. I found out that I’m more forgiving than I gave myself credit for. I was chuffed with the compassion that surged through me for friends and foe. And content with the capacity I had to contend with life’s challenges.

Be honest with yourself, shine a light on your shadow. It’s pointless trying to avoid it, impossible to dismiss it. Because no matter how deeply buried, denied and pushed to the wayside, your shadow will show up.

For instance, we were shown a glimpse of the shadow of our modern society with the recent events of racism and racist activities. This dark side of society revealed symptoms of a sick society. The racism society vehemently tried in vain to mask was exposed. It was a lesson that lay latent to make many of us look at ourselves in ways that go far beyond racism. 

Remove Your Mask

To know yourself in your entirety, be real and raw, remove your mask, accept every part of who you are; the good, bad and ugly. Be real and raw, acknowledge your unfavourable traits. Strike a healthy balance and shine a brilliant light on your shadow.

After all is said and done, you are not your thoughts and feelings, you are just the observer.