2020, A Review of Momentous Moments

2020, was a phenomenal year of events. An unforgettable year, guaranteed to go down in history as the year that brought about colossal change. 2020 began slow and steady – then whoosh.

Sudden Change

There were shifts in the economy, social sphere and political arena with the onset of Covid-19. Upsetting the global status quo. It made you pine for the past. Because we all knew we were at a point of no return. We were witness to the surreal; events that belonged somewhere else. External events we couldn’t escape but observed as a wake-up call for the challenge of individual change. People around the globe were visited by this deadly virus that turned the world upside down.

The visitor commanded change. People around the globe were visited by this deadly virus that turned the world upside down. In an instant, a pandemic reigned supreme and introduced a new way for one and all. It wielded and continues to wield its power upon us. COVID-19, forced a social and economic shift but more significantly is the shift in thought and behaviour in the global community.

This is a new situation and we’re undergoing unique experiences within an exceptional experience. We’re adapting to it and we’re learning something about ourselves at the same time: resilience and strength.

2020 gave us a series of unfortunate events, which offered food for thought, to question the meaning of life.  

Here are my few momentous moments of 2020. 

January – three fatal cases of Covid-19 confirmed.

February – risk of transmission was low regarding human to human contact.

Hygiene during covid19 stepped up to prevent the spread of the novel virus. Cleanliness and basic hygiene were high on the agenda. For safety purposes, handwashing became a big thing. There were tutorials on how long and often you were to wash your hands. And hand sanitizers sold out in seconds. Sanitation was a big thing to protect ourselves and others. 

The war on Covid-19 was on.

March 11th  World Health Organisation declared the CoronaVirus a pandemic. 

March 16th start of UK Lockdown

March 23rd Boris Jonson faces the UK with a public address, announcing that we must stay at home and refrain from meeting and socialising in large groups. The majority of people were to work from home, only essential businesses were to operate and travelling abroad wasn’t allowed. 

We were ordered to keep and maintain a 2 metre physical distance from each other. And repeatedly reminded to encourage our friends, families and colleagues to engage in social distancing to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

These were draconian measures imposed.

I worked from home. I taught and mentored students via Zoom. Communication was stilted and stiff with this new approach. Personal mentoring and teaching in this way would take some getting used to. Zoom chats, meetings, and conferences were cool.  Communication was stiff.  This personal Mentoring online would take some getting used to.

My writing gig was waiting to be taken seriously.  . 

The  Corona Virus was in full effect so were the conspiracies that ran amok concerning it. The truth was, fear filled the atmosphere. For instance, it became typical to receive news of an alarming rate of people falling victim to the CoronaVirus. Eerie reports of people dying daily contributed to producing paranoia and panic in the people.

Compassion and empathy filled the hearts of humanity, extended to their fellow man and woman. Newsflashes of deaths in real-time of loved ones dying, alone. Also, cases of vulnerable quarantined and isolated to reduce the risk of spread and outbreak.

We were getting to grips with living in unprecedented and uncertain times. You were sincere when you said ‘stay safe’. 

 The need to cherish our nearest and dearest was evident. It was a time that you genuinely wished well for the known and unknown.

You learned to appreciate your loved ones and the basics:food, clothing and shelter.

In these unusual times, self isolation led many to resort to meditation in moments of sadness and madness. 

Restricted in Our movements 

As COVID-19 claimed more victims, restrictions were increased, further curtailing the movements of the general public. You could be fined for gathering in a crowd

These extraordinary, exceptional times geared us up to adhere to steadily adapt to change 

Unity in the Online Community

Despite restrictions to congregate, a virtual community, courtesy of the Internet gathered online. People of all kinds and like minds were united in Cyber Space to debate, rant and rave and vent their feelings and thoughts. COVID-19 was up for discussion and a bashing.  

Life on Lockdown 

I saw life on lockdown as a period of luxury to learn about ourselves and reset our minds to create our new realities. I made massive moves to invest in myself. Life on lockdown was setting a new mindset and forming a new relationship with myself. 

This was all made possible by riding with the new kid in town, a high surge of energy. An acute awareness that beckoned you to be conscious of it. And if you were to pay attention, it raised your consciousness with a shift towards Spiritual gain with less emphasis on the physical plane. 

I was well aware of the higher frequency, I connected to it with ease because I knew it was time to upgrade. It helped me to reacquaint with my Higher self, enhance my intuition and heighten my Spiritual vibrations and thinking.

I caught wind of it being the intensity of Earth’s accelerated frequency in it’s alignment with the fellow planets. I felt it and freely interacted with this new energy.

My Spirit gave me the verve to keep up with it. Earth was transforming and I  and I’m sure others were affected. The material world lost meaning, a distraction my spirit was magnified. I was in an elevated state of peace and joy with all that was going on. 

A new understanding of self seeped through and birthed a completely new way. Life on lockdown sped up for me, I kept up with the speed of energy, it gave me an incredible impulse to express my true self, within and without.

We’re experiencing a difference from the norm with life on lockdown. It’s restrictive measures means a new way of life. Lockdown restricts us from some things but you’re at liberty to let it serve you for your growth. 

Now’s a great time to reset your mind to experience a new reality. Build a new relationship with yourself. Embark on your Spiritual journey or escalate it, progress in your personal development and relax.

Life, I thought, is what you make it on lockdown.

April – getting used to a new normal. You had to create your own normal to be in line with a new way. The pandemic impacted you to grow or wane, it pushed you to reset your reality to sink or swim. My new normal included happily resorting to meditation; medication to keep afloat and remain calm. Time wasn’t a factor.

May. We saw the beginning of anti–lockdown, anti-vaccine and covid restriction protests as people rallied in the cities of the UK. Reluctant masked and unmasked protestors took to the streets to protest against lockdown rules. They demonstrated their discontent for mandatory mask wearing and face coverings and condemned the government for controlling and violating human freedoms.

For a brief moment there were scenarios of people banding together to join arms and go into battle to combat COVID-19. But a heavy spanner was thrown into the works and racism reared its ugly head with the brutal and racist killing of George Floyd by US police. An horrific show of racism that left an indelible image.

A clear vision of hatred for Black people and people of colour. 

One that I likened to a scene from the Jim Crow era when racism was at its heights. I was agitated by the incendiary action. For a minute, I had the devil on one shoulder and an angel that refused to sit on the perch of the other. 

It got hot on the streets with rioting, looting and violence — in the middle of a pandemic. 

There was anger with such heat, directed at a faceless system that grants impunity to its agents, in this case, the police.

As crazy as things were, my rancour for racism made me resilient. I still had optimism and saw cause for change on the horizon.

June had a month-long of protests in response to the overt show of racism. Other victims who lost their lives at the hands of the police in the US were also duly honored. Across the UK various groups marched in solidarity in a bid to end police brutality.

These were demonstrated efforts to expose and end systemic racism and racial injustice. A tyrannical system that has criminalized, oppressed, and terrorized people because of their identity. 

As far as I was concerned the lid had been lifted on the erroneous system of White Supremacy and its egregious counterpart of racism. The real viruses illuminated the disease society tried in vain to mask.

Hand in hand, these two unjust entities of oppression have unleashed a continued campaign and reign of terror and tyranny on black people and people of colour. The physical holocaust and brutality of a people have undoubtedly left psychological wounds.

Despite the constraints, the wounded have depicted a story of glory with an ironic display and constant show of Black excellency and People of color potency in the face of a fraudulent force.

With this in mind and Covid-19 on the prowl, white supremacy pales into insignificance. 

In all its gory, I saw white supremacy’s strong hold losing its grip in its last ditch attempt to masquerade its pseudo super power. I believed the system was on its last legs as it threw a pitiful tantrum kicking and screaming for recognition. It was barely kept alive by the proponents that upheld the sorry system. 

The sham, scam and ill illusion of white supremacy was over.The bully was exposed and I was thrilled.

There was no place for it in my world and irrelevant in this new world 

Anti-racist protestors in Europe, the US and the UK, reacted to the televised abhorent racist act. Historic statues of figure heads were defaced and toppled.  A number of figures who profited as slave traders were dishonoured. Others who invested in the transport of human commodities, were denounced for their involvement in the slave trade and the proceeds gained from it.

Demonstrators petitioned to have educational institutions renamed. I studied at one and worked at another. The protests triggered long standing consultation from alumni, staff, students and governors to consider name changes for their respective schools and universities. 

The protests triggered the decision to rename the two I had business with. Both were renamed in a commitment to oppose racism. The unacknowledged legacy of pain left by major figures associated with the slave trade was acknowledged. 

UK local authorities responded to a consensus for demands to remove monuments, and symbols which served as reminders of a heinous history; remnants of Britain’s racist colonial past.

There were forums and groups formed in attempts to dismantle racism and bring the uncomfortable issue to the forefront of discussion. People of white privilege were invited to be accountable for their anti-black blindspots.

Whether conscious or unconscious of buying into the belief of white supremacy. Those, the system favours, were asked to look at their relationship with it. There was work to do.

The onus was on willing participants to dismantle racism and white supremacy. 

Here are a couple starting points for interested parties:

Have the honesty and courage to look within and examine any prejudices and conscious biases.

Follow up with research into the origins of white supremacy. The best sources on the subject will reveal the truth. You’ll find that there’s no true scientific or genetic basis for race. It’s not a biological fact. Race, in reality, is a political construct and racism is a social construct; deviously devised to divide the human race.

It’s sustained by a false narrative perpetuated by the folk it permeates. 

Give yourself and the world a difference, commit to departing from a relationship with an oppressive system. 

July Nature was given a break from us to flourish. I saw her blossom on my rambles into undiscovered nature reserves. Pretty scenes like this raised my vibrations.




September Wearing a mask was a pain and mandatory in public places. Sometimes I wasn’t bothered to wear one. At times I’d avoid traveling on public transport or outlets which requested that you wear a mask.

Reset Reality

 2020 graced us with a year of change, transition and transparency. In so far as the experience of the individual and in respect of balance and perception, 2020 has been an impactful year of tragic and magical events.

The pandemic has caused and still causes trauma, for a lot of people.Some events combined have marked 2020 as the worst year for a pocket of people and the best year, ever for a hopeful handful. 

I saw fortune in all events and viewed the year as a full on process of separating the wheat from the chaff. 

During the course of the year, enormous external changes shaped and impacted people to make necessary internal changes. And an undeniable need to look at ourselves and reset our realities. The world we knew is no more. But we can be all that we need and want to be for a better us and a better world.

None go unscathed by the ever present change of reality,

For the empaths who aspire to make waves through these winds of change, embrace the end of an old era. Be the captain of your ship, steer it away from the energy that goes against the tide. Weather the storms and welcome an epic and new way. 

  2020 gave us the vision to see more of ourselves. The year exposed what lay beneath the veneer. 2020 provided reasons to reset reality in the force of change.