15 Positive Habits To Be Your Best Self

Positive habits place you in a prime position to be your best self and live your best life. You’re shaped by your habits, they become you, whatever they are. Develop, form, and adopt positive habits to live your best life for your present and future self.

Old Habits Die Hard

You possess everything within yourself to be your best self and the potential to achieve great things. In order to be your best self and live your best life with meaning and purpose, change is inevitable. The change may require you to unlearn old negative habits and learn new positive habits. But you do nothing about it and plod along, discontent and antagonized by the thought of change, the challenges that come with it, and the process necessary to get you to the ideal version of your best self. 

The increased conflict stems from being uncomfortable being complacent whilst trying to escape the thing you fear: change. Yet you yearn for it.   

10 years ago, I decided I wanted to change to be the best version of myself; my best self. For this to be, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. A lot of soul searching took place. It was essential for my endeavor.

10 years before the decision, I read a load of self-help literature, viewed a multitude of personal development videos. And attended great lectures and seminars delivered by giants in the personal growth industry. Although I was armed and informed with a ton of knowledge; I dithered and delayed utilizing the information and practicing the teachings gained.

I was on my own with a treasure trove of gems waiting to be used to create the change I needed to be my best self.

There was no motivational speaker to spur me on, no guru to hold my hand to take the plunge, and stay buoyant. 

I knew the adage ‘old habits die hard’ had to be confronted.

Self Regulation

I emerged from my inner world with a focused and clear mind ready to break the unhealthy habit I was so entrenched in. I reckoned it would be an arduous task but I was prepared to commit to my goal—adopt new habits conducive to my emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

I didn’t hesitate to self-regulate.  I knew that I created the obstacle to my success and realized that I could prevent my prosperity or permit it, to flow.

I devised a fresh script for my subconscious mind to absorb. A new narrative that penetrated and permeated my mind.

Prolonged procrastination behind me, productivity before me. 

I was in good stead to be my best self.

Think then Act

Procrastination became a big part of my life. I’d even procrastinate to eradicate the habit. There were too many instances of contemplating about doing a worthy act, undertaking a duty, or performing an activity. I’d only do so when panic set in. The overthinking caused tension in my mind and body and only relieved when I’d attend to matters.  I’d always amaze myself with the trouble I’d put myself through and still follow through with whatever was on the list of things to do.

Ultimately proving to myself that the thought was always worse than the action.

Plan Well for Positive

Be open, honest, and, clear about what it is you want to change and why. As chronic as it was, procrastinating provided space and a breather to gain clarity on whatever needed to be done. My brain, though, was hardwired and accustomed to delay an unavoidable task or duty; sometimes to the negative and painful point of consequence. My mistakes made me plan for a positive alternative to procrastinating to the level I took it to. The lessons learned taught me to tackle duties and tasks, minor or major with immediacy.

If I wanted to be my best self, I had to see ‘my’procrastination for what it was:

  • a massive problem
  • a distraction from what was needed to be done
  • Unconsciously and consciously finding something to sabotage my success

I drew up a plan of action to ditch the habit. Patience, perseverance, and persistence coupled with the fire of desire for change and a keen, cold will made it happen.

Here’s a list of habits I adopted and the 15 steps I took on my quest to be my best self. And you can too. 

Be Yourself

Be yourself. It’s not as easy as it sounds if you consider how complex you are as a being and subject to change. Fortunately, you can be who you need to be and operate out of your better self with confidence and an open mind for growth. Be yourself, embrace your likes, acknowledge your flaws. Rather than reject them, be ready and resolute to remedy them. Your values, beliefs, and passions are core aspects of what makes you, you. They are fundamental to who you are. Make it a habit to get to know yourself and celebrate the unique, authentic you. 

I quit my people-pleasing habit to be myself. I went in full throttle. I was militant. I surprised myself and shocked the people privy to my milder side. I was aware that in order to communicate and relate well with everyone, I had to tone it down a notch. And I did, with maturity and without compromise.

I prioritized my needs, wants, and desires and I laid the foundation to be myself and in control of changing to be my best self.

Go at Your Own Pace

Depending on what you want to change and habits you want to adopt for your best self. Just like life, habit-forming isn’t a marathon or a sprint. Go at your own pace and practice doing something towards what you want to change. ‘Little but often’, a former work colleague would advise her mentees before an exam. They were words that encouraged me to stick with the process of developing, forming, and, adopting positive habits to be my best self.

While being yourself, work on whatever needs to be improved upon to be your best self to move forward and progress with grace.

Create Balance

My desire to be productive and progressive included being mindful of the needs of family, friends and, others while at it. I struck a balance between being selfish and spreading myself too thin. I had to be creative. I created and established boundaries to ensure that the best interests of everyone were met.

Create balance to be your best self and a routine that works well to suit your lifestyle.  

Celebrate Your Successes

Success is subjective. Forming positive habits and sticking with them makes you a success. The efforts put in shouldn’t be underestimated but celebrated. When you go beyond your comfort zone to conquer your challenges and stretch yourself to make the necessary changes, you deserve an accolade. I commended myself for getting into the habit of building and cultivating healthy habits. My efforts paid off and led to healthy habit-forming that positively impacted different areas of my life.

When you put in the effort to work on yourself to be your best, it’s worth celebrating.

See your small accomplishments as significant milestones that propel you onto the path of bigger wins.

When you discover amazing aspects about yourself, explore more about yourself and a reason to achieve and celebrate your success.

Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation is key to create positive habits that contribute to being your best self. Discipline helps to get things going, desire ignites the energy necessary to keep things going. Life is ever-changing and building habits for a better self involves a constant process of change.

Motivate yourself daily to be your best self. 

Bring Out the Best in Others

You’re in a pivotal position to bring out the best in others when you function as your best self. The experience of shedding old habits and adopting new habits served as a basis and method for me to teach disengaged students positive habits. My Learning mentor role gave me the opportunity to put some of the skills I learned into action.

I focused on helping students to use their resources effectively. They were expected to take the initiative to make a personal positive difference in their lives by learning self-discipline. At the same time, the students were guided to get into the habit of helping themselves to remove any barriers to their learning. By employing techniques for areas for student development, strategies to reinforce their strengths, and a positive push towards their progress. They realized their potential. The once reluctant students were transformed into willing, able, and independent learners.

They stayed on track, flourished and I was fulfilled to have contributed to bringing out the best in them. 

Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude paves the way to your success. Being aware that life has its ups and downs, adopting the principle of a positive mental attitude is a tactical way to enjoy pleasant experiences and go through life despite adversity.

A positive mental attitude affords you the power to be your best self.

Enthusiasm is Positive Energy 

Enthusiasm and a zest for life can positively raise your energy to enable your best self. Enthusiasm is the essence that ensures an elevated mood. A positive mental attitude helps you to move into the energy of enthusiasm. Get into the habit of raising your vibrations with enthusiasm. Express enthusiasm in communication with yourself and the people in your life.

Engage in enthusiasm to be your best self.

Do What You Love

Do what you love to do that makes a better you. Showcase your talents, indulge in your interests, pursue your passion, to be your best self. Doing what you love could be work-related, a business venture, or a personal project.

Enrich your life doing the things you enjoy that enhance your life to be your best self.

Eat right

For the health and balance of my hormones, I was forced to look at my unhealthy eating habits and eat, right. The largely sugar-based, processed junk food caused an imbalance, detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I did myself a favor and dropped my poor diet. I replaced it with a healthy eating regime. It consisted of real nourishing, wholesome food.

Fortified and satisfied with foods of nutrition set me up to be my best self.

Eat the right food, treat it as your medicine to optimize your health to live your best life, and be your best self.

Sleep tight

If you want to be in top form and your best self, get enough hours to sleep tight. The benefits of sleep are endless and when you’re sleep-deprived, you’re robbed of vital energy.

Stay sharp, focused, and revitalized to be your best self.

Learn from your Heroes to learn for Life

You can take a leaf from the host of heroes that set the trend and standards for personal development. Choose a master teacher to learn from to inspire you to be your best self. You might have your own personal hero: friend, family member, or somebody else living or deceased who acts as a mentor you can lean on and learn from. 

Draw on them to draw out the best in you to be your best self.


It’s a good feeling when you get into the groove of building new habits. It gets better when you receive the results that keep you motivated to achieve more. To remain and stay in the mode of building good habits, you have to reassess and review the work you do on yourself.

Upgrade and evolve to be your best self. 

Attitude of Gratitude

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for all things, great and small. From the air, you breathe to the sun that shines, for who you are and the person you want and need to be.

Treat People As You’d Treat Yourself

Life’s easier when you treat people as you’d like to be treated. There’s no guarantee the gesture will be returned but I’m inclined to act out of my better nature, regardless. I’m kind to myself and I treat people according to how I treat myself. I’ve also learned that the best people treat others as they’d like to be treated.

You’re at an advantage when you treat people as you’d treat yourself.

Be kind to yourself and others. You never know who you may meet.

Blossom, and be your best self. 


Old Habits Die Hard